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How this Genres are For Posers thing's gonna work/life in general Mar 27, 2007 5:04PM PST

Ok so on Genresrforposers blogs.I know your getting sick of hearing buildup, but shut up my life revolves around far more than you (jk.... but not really, that jk was just to let you know it's nothing personal). I'll post them on Saturdays and wait for comments from my regular readers(links will be provided in future blogs if anyone misses out). They'll consist of 3(my fave number) movies/games/books what have you(we're starting with movies) that fit into a specific genre and one will be "why they're hardcore"(good), "why they're for posers"(bad) and "why they're for casual admirers"(not really ugly but this'll be the inbetween) I'll give my general thoughts on the good bad and ugly of each genre then specific examples for each(next blog: Crash is good, House of Yes bad, and Mystic River's a mix) Of course, I'm not limiting myself to just 3 things so there'll be honorable mentions(like film I'll Sleep When I'm Dead next blog) Anyway, while I know what I'm doing for these blogs I don't have time at the moment so life in general Junior Retreat~ We were supposed to learn about leadership. I learned that girls can be real crackwhores sometimes and chaperones can be completely deaf and blind(or maybe just don't care?) Anyway, at one point we were supposed to present three qualities a leader needs to have and I jokingly said "alpha male". Now we did bother to make up 3 legit ones, so imagine my surprise when my friend Adam presents my joke idea and says simply "To be a leader you gotta be a MAN!". Cries of "FOOR SPARTA!" and high fives ensue. One teacher Mr. Martin reminds us there have been great female leaders while I remind everyone(including girls in our group) that Hilary Clinton is not a woman... just sayin'. For those of you ready with pitchforks and cries of hate crime, it was a joke even the girls laughed at. When we got back to our cabins(spending the night) my 200 some pound friend had noticeably taken something, and wanted to slapbox. I indulged him and got a few good hits on him, but they called it when SOMEHOW my lip started bleeding(we were SLAPboxing... WTF?!) I didn't feel it but in the mirror it looked kinda bad. Now everyone else didn't get anything done to them(everyone went against this same guy) b/c they got backed into a corner quick. I was the only facing him the whole time. But of course b/c I'm the only one that bled, that's all anyone remembers. GREAT!(at least this kid I fought actually gives me credit but everyone not there it's assumptions galore). Anyway his cabin had "Fight Club"(pssht slapboxing lol) all night(stupid but fun). Anyway when we start "going to sleep"(re:we didn't do so until 430) there it was time to publicly haze the nerdy kid!(not harshly) "Alright everyone let's drill Sean, who do you like man?!"(We were doing hot lists but it got boring b/c everyone's were the exact damn same) It was a girl named Sam... and there was a Sam in our cabin. Sweet glorious oppurtunities for me to be a dick. Anyway, we got Sean to start rapping, then added our own rhymes. Pretty much everyone of which ended in a burn on someone(except the Dr. Suess wezzle and wozzle and beezle my dozzle one my friend Adam did, and the one for Texas forever! I made up). My friend Adam had to explain a girl calling his fone to his ex-gf and just to make things worse we all laughed at key moments. And a misunderstanding of one of Sean's questions ended with us all pretending we heard "did you get any?" Which we all yelled "For Sparta!" and "Texas Forever Boys!"(Friday Niht Lights reference) and "Yeah Sean we're making you a MAN!" like we'd done all night. And of course next door they had M&Ms and a laptop w/300 on it, so after messing with the cabin next door by 1. having Adam and other friend Levi try to "give them the brain"(see movie "Waiting") which ended in foreign exchange Chang Yu getting a pic of Adam in towel and Levi with hand down shorts... next to each other 2. spraying toothpaste on sleepers, a failed mission to obtain snack foods from next door ended with Levi sleeping outside and one teacher directly ouyside our window. It's all kind of had to be there, but eh, like I'm supposed to entertain you.... wait. Birthday~Then on my bday I got $100, new TracFone(lost other one, this one looks cooler), and a used Starfox Assault game from my big bro. It was cool to see him give it with "I know you like Starfox so.." b/c my nintendo leanings started when I got Starfox 64 and he became a Playstation fan(my fanboyism was really brother rivalry). Very cool. DMC 4 Microsoft~Speaking of Playstation, Devil May Cry 4's non-exclusivity certainly does have PS fans riled don't it. I'd tell you that petition is stupid because like I've said a bajillion times before more platform=more money, Capcom=corporation, games=not free to develop, but DaffyPhack's Aim For the Brain comic on the subject says it so much better. Militarily anti-Myspace Michigan~ A school in Michigan is thinking of suspending students for having myspaces until the accounts are deleted. No, I'm not going to say this is a stupid idea, because myspace really does put too much info out there. I will say that what I put in messages is my business and to hell with the Patriot Act but comments and blogs are still your own damn fault. Plus, it may actually save some naive slutty picture girls from predators.... if there wasn't so many other places they could post those pics. See, I'm not in total disagreement with this schoolboard but it's like prohibition, it just won't work. Facebook, xanga, and probably endless(and I do mean ENDLESS) websites for teen stupidity will be too much to keep track of and therefore for schools to ban. If you ban my myspace, I'll just use Facebook then etc. until forever. At least they care about their kids but really banning isn't going to solve anything. CHECK wjhat goes onto your kid's myspace, it really is the only way(your juyst going to have to check the facebook eventually anyway).

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