Sunday, February 24, 2013

Much better week so far Apr 01, 2009 1:43AM PST

I actually understand just about all of my math homework for once! Huge plus! We'll see if this translates to a good quiz grade. I've gone to two teachers to check my grades (had to put them on an application for on campus employ) and so far a B and an A. Gotta go to the other two tomorrow but I should easily have the required 2.25 (preferred 2.5 likely too). On the other hand, we'll see how the math quiz and political science test go Thursday and my friend is at this moment telling me the Uni police banged on his door whilst he was toking. Details aren't being given beyond that and I'm probably gonna crash before he gets around to it. In other news, I used some of my free iTunes money to get Black Keys - Things Aren't Like They Used to Be Chiodos - Baby You Wouldn't Last a minute on the creek. I'm either going to purchase more singles free and then buy DFA1979 album with debit or get DFA1979 free then just a couple more songs free. You guys? Thoughts? Edit: So apparently slap on the wrist, his record will still be clean he'll just get some kind of conduct probation. Note to self: never smoke in a dorm room.

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