Friday, February 22, 2013

Multiblog 08/16/06

Suggestion one(necro) nothing: I was wondering if "home base" is code for sex what does that make the World Series? Suggestion 2(riff) Pirates 2 review: Johnny Depp good, humor good, action good, really bad CGI effects very bad Suggestion 3(BlackWidowSpider) movies/books: when I saw Inside Man I knew they were giving away the plot twist at the begginning, and slapped myself across the face for not knowing it. Jodi Foster's character pissed me off to no end. John Steinbeck's East of Eden was dark and depressing and I think the teenage thing in Catcher in the Rye allowed it to be incoherent and not well written. Which oddly enough is why I enjoyed it(and how short it was :P) Suggestion 4(Anti) bands- Chili Peps, Strokes, pop-punk, metal. I listened to Dragonforce and while it is definitely fast but I wonder if I can keep laughing at the vocals for a whole album before the novelty wears off. Suggestion 5(dogs) Metroid Prime Hunters: I had this game on preorder then EGM gave it a "terrible" in a preview and I canceled. And right when it comes out they give it solid reviews. WTF?! @!!?&&%5? Suggestion 6(Phildown) Sliced cucumbers- anyone who hasn't yet, check out the anti-lonely teen, right wing paranoia club at Suggestion 7(lin) my typical day- now go to school, go to school mom teaches at across street, help mom at school, go either to work or home, then eat/do homework, play guitar until satisfied or new song is written, screw around on myspace/1up/ and then sleep(gaming right now consists of GBA Mario Kart if I'm bored/brain training in mornings). :P Suggestion 8(papa) classic games- Rise of the Robots may have had sucky gameplay but I was too young to know that and the graphics were amazing then. Street Fighter II:Turbo theme was most memorable game song not Mario related. Anyone remember "GET OVER HERE!" in Mortal Kombat Enjoy my random musings!

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