Friday, February 22, 2013

Communism: The REAL free governmental structure 08/18/06 Read it! So anyway kids, the MPA is starting to crack down on tablature websites due to copyright infringement possibilities. Now before you get all "respect the artist" on me understand that this would not equate to musicians getting paid royalties but rather the suits trying to squeeze every penny out of their investment's legacy by abusing copyrights. We'll get into that in a second. Before you read know that I have always taken a defensive stance to downloading illegally. Now downloading then buying the CD is fine as well as downloading or then immediate deletion if you don't like the CD. That's what we call a rental. The downloading I disagree with is keeping the downloaded contents without buying the album. Remember, Metallica may have enough money but that Indie band you like needs the money if you ever want them to blow up their live act to satisfactory proportions. So now we have my stance on downloading out of the way, let's delve into why tablature is a way different endeavor. First of all, most tabs are submitted by casual fans who submit how THEY play the songs, not neccessarily what's in the tab books. If you notice, many songs will have 5 different entries of tabs. The reason I bring this up is because those who control the copyright money could browse to see what's too similar to tab books, delete those and leave "unofficial" tabs untouched(and possibly a fine on the poster though that could get out of hand) as opposed to shutting down tab sites entirely. It's a bit of work, but after all they're getting paid to do it so I don't feel sorry. And honestly, you could get unofficial tabs from any good guitar teacher so I'm not sure how those unofficial tabs lose anyone money except guitar lesson customers. If a consumer wants tabs straight from the source they'll have to buy a tab book but they can get interpretations free. I would consider interpretations somewhat original work. Secondly, as a musician i couldn't give two shits about my songs being played by up and comers, provided the CD was already out and they couldn't make money copying all my ideas(I'd allow covers to slide but not until we're somewhat established). As a matter of fact it's the highest form of flattery, and it's going to give begginers great outlets for learning they never had before. And we all know better tools= better playing. If a whole bunch of new guitarists were playing my songs I'd have a wide smile on my face. Finally, it also helps musicians create their own songs. Dimebag Darrel literally constructed some of Pantera's solos by rearranging other bands' tabs. Now if that doesn't convince you tabs are good for musical development both personally and of the industry, you suck somethiing hard. This is why I'm pissed I have less tabs to choose from due to the shutting down of tab sites except..... ULTIMATE-GUITAR.COM who are set in Russia and thus have no legal obligation to the US. On top of that, ug has actually tried to pay musicians royalties even though they don't have to. The MPA however just wants all sites shut down anyway for some reason. I say cheers to UG for their attempts to compensate musicians and for fighting the system. God bless those Commies! :)

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