Sunday, February 24, 2013

My birthday wish: Umm... Mar 23, 2010 1:00AM PST

Yeah, I don't have one, but hey, I'm 20! Woot. Anyway, my Spring Break last week was pretty awesome. Watched Taken (good action movie), Twilight (not as bad as I guessed interestingly enough), Zombieland (very funny, review up at, should still be on the main page), Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (RKO remake, good story, mediocre acting and production), 500 Days of Summer (buy it, trust the movie it's not a love story, it's just a fantastic comedy), and The Informant (interesting, but dry as hell). Ate at Red Robin (my favorite for their Blue Ribbon burger), Cracker Barrel (always filling), Chili's (good all-around menu), Ojeda's (excellent and well priced Tex Mex near home), and Matt's Ranchero Martinez (upscale Tex Mex in Uptown Cedar Hill, very good). Reviewed pretty much all the Century Media albums riff sent me including the Devin Townsend Project (which I would have given 4, but Sturby had already reviewed and given 5; we're pretty close in opinion despite the rating difference), I wrestled a bear once (surprised myself by giving 5, but have to warn how inaccessible it can be), Finntroll (like Dropkick Murphys turned Finnish metal and given symphonic texture), Dark Tranquility (lovely piano work, review up at, Winds of Plague (straightforward heavy stuff), and maybe the most interesting, Orphaned Land, a fine Israeli progressive metal band with a rich sound. Expect reviews to appear on in the coming days. Gamed... not at all. Wanted to finish Spirit Tracks, but was too preoccupied. Yeah, sorry, but that is the problem with games isn't it: they require effort where other things require mere payment... well except working out which I also did. I didn't read either, and really want to get more books. Back at school and working for the next week and a half then Easter Break. Anyway, that's what happened with me lately, what about you guys?

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