Friday, February 22, 2013

Myspace: A Place For Friends...... You already have 07/28/06 started out as a place for potential dating matches, usually in their late 20s to find each other. Of course, the ability to post pictures, blogs, and bulletins only helped to attract xanga bloggers and a new fad called emo. "Emo" is a way to describe 1) people who cut themselves 2) people who wear a bang over one eye 3) a mainstream form of pop-punk with depressing lyrics that tries to make itself new by calling itself emo or 4) "real emo" is emotional hardcore music that was helped to get started by kurt cobain in the late 80s, and sounds nothing like "emo" on the radio (Don't ask, one of my friends calls herself "emo" and all that other info was from the Nirvana-obsessed) Myspace therefore has become a blog space for these emos to post depressing poetry and get attention by posting bulletins. The upside is that it's a cheap way to find and stay in touch with your best buddy from middle school through comments and messages, and the music section actually has some pretty great stuff and is a good way to find underground bands. Why did I write this? Slow news day!(for me that is, I've been asleep all day taking advantage of my day off)

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