Friday, February 22, 2013

Unintentionally Hilarious 07/29/06

I was browsing around the forums today and I saw something that made me drop my hate for that site's populace for just a second. It was a thread asking what songs you found unintentionally funny. I just HAD to log in and say that so much of Disturbed's Down With the Sickness album and a lot of Megadeth's music was very funny to me(obviously these funny moments weren't intentional, except of course Megadeth song "Mechanix" which was always meant to be funny. Just some random info the song was changed into Metallica's "Four Horsemen".) There were also comments about Iron Maiden and Blind(something or other) being extraordinarily cheesy and thus, funny. To expand on this a bit, tell us about what you find funny even though it's not supposed to be whether it be in TV, movies, videogames, music or what have you. But keep in mind post comments about UNINTENTIONAL hilarity. Laughing at something that's supposed to be funny like a comedy doesn't count.

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