Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Years Resolution? Get Sloshed Dec 29, 2008 2:25PM PST

My New Years Resolution this year is quite simple: actually do something other than fall asleep watching Conan on New Years Eve. So I'm going with friends to Victory Square (Basically like Time Square for Dallas in a way, probably not as much going on but eh). Other than that my new years resolution is to umm... yeah eh. As for Christmas presesnts, Castlevania Order of Ecclesia has been more of the same Metroidvania gameplayt thus far. I'm more into Hitchens' How Religion Poisons everything, if not for the seemingly outrageous claims that have Salman Rushdie sleeping at his house and him shaking a general's hand under fire. It's odd how this godless one is still alive..... odd. I think I may write a thesis on Santa's effect on small children one day. Why not? Edit: New Years Resolution #1: Avoid rather than start arguments, no matter how much you disagree, unless it legitimately effects you #2: "I don't want one now" is not going to be a truthful answer for much longer. Work on getting laid, which could have happened in 8th grade and several other times if you paid more attention. #3: Work on comedy, because you know damn well you don't want a real job when you grow up, and any degrees you seek in college will probably just be a way for you to prove you're smarter than otherr people, because let's face it #1 won't happen #4: Work on guitar too, just in case #5: Stop talking to yourself in second person on a public blog #6: Stop posting things like #2 on a public blog

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