Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ok so the Zelda review was overly harsh Jun 05, 2008 5:35PM PST

So to clear things up it was given from the perspective of someone at the very end of the journey and 2 years after initially purchasing the Gamecube (just to reiterate I don't have a Wii) version. Taken in that small dose, it falters into "way too familiar" territory and a couple odd and anticlimactic music choices in the final encounter. As a matter of fact, the second to last encounter was keeping this a steady A, and the final bits knocked it down to an A- for me. That said, it is still Ocarina of Time on steroids at its core but as brendan pointed out that's not a bad thing. Why do this instead of editing the last blog? Because I just made $4 at work today... I get paid 2.13 an hour plus tips.... I worked for 3 hours. Yeeeeaahh, I defintely practiced tax evas... I mean honored the U.S. government by declaring all my tips today. None of you know my last name, phone number or adress right? Ok, I'll totally post that publicly

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