Sunday, February 24, 2013

Well holy shit Todo Jun 06, 2008 3:33AM PST

My reasoning exactly.

Oh, and I did just watch all 6 episodes of the Clerks animated series.

Episode 3 was hilarious, thanks in part to the fact it utilized that it was a cartoon and depicted officials in Hamburgler suits discussing a phony mataba virus outbreak. Also, it had James Woods.

Other episodes: tried sop hard to make fun of stale sitcoms they became what they were mocking. Flashback episode directly after the pilot...original? yes. Ill-advised in a not-so-funny way? yes. And for such a short series it's plagued quite heavily by running jokes (particularly one involving pretending to climb up buildings on solid ground).

If only there were more episodes like 3.

... and yes, I'm still a bit grumpy from getting only $4 in tips last night, qualify that with this review as needed.

EDIT: But as much as I may not be enthralled with his ABC cartoon series, kudos to the man for having done crap like this:

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