Friday, February 22, 2013

Once again May 04, 2007 8:02PM PST

son of a bitch! Responses: that guy I never seen before~ Hahahahaha I don't get it. elie~ ... incrediblebrendan~ What happened: Golden State are insanely good at 3s and Dirk lost his confidence. Unlike the Miami Heat series last year with crappy ref calls this was actually entirely our fault. ..... those refs still need to stop calling shit from behind the play though, that goes for the NBA as a whole. DocOctaShawn~ I'm not pissed off as I am dissapointed. shorap~ Butt measles? And now, in celebration of Spiderman 3 and thanking God Almighty Venom is in one of them(though inexplicably skinny when he should be ripped like Jerry Only) it's time for Why Genres Are For Posers: Superhero Flicks Instead of 3 sections, let's just go down the list. I've done this blog before but.... shut up I got nothing else to do. SpiderMan 1 Pros: A fun summer movie that the whole family could enjoy. Cons: Everyone's family. Fucking babies. 2 Pros: Dr. Octopus gives the series an anti-hero rather than a villian to make the story line a bit deeper, CGI effects improved. Cons: Anyone else that would've preffered Richy Rich moon boy dying to Doc Ock dying? Guys that are well-traveled are such cock blockers. 3 Pros: VENOM! Cons: has gone bullemic in a way that would make....someone.... famous.... and skinny......blush.. ah hell, they're all whores. The Incredible Hulk Pros: the action scenes toward the end were actually pretty cool Cons: If it were any longer, by the end of the movie Nick Nolte would be sober, Keith Richards would be dead, and Mr. Rogers would have found a friend who wasn't a puppet. DareDevil Pros: I actually liked how dark the movie was, and enjoyed myself unlike about everyone else on 1up Cons: Producers totally ignored the real life ability of Ben Affleck's ass chin to emit atomic gas particles... would've been kinda cool. Catwoman Pros: Halle Barry in a catsuit Cons: Probably had as much of the plotline as the porn based on it did. And let's be honest, the porn probably had much better action scenes anyway. Superman Returns Pros: While I was underwhelmed by it, got to admit the flight scenes were pretty good stuff and Kevin Spacey's WAY over-the-top campiness was a nice distraction. Cons: Why is Howie Mandel trying to build a continent to rule the world(makes no sense in the film either) when he already has such a kickass boat? Fantastic Four~ Pros: Jessica Alba Cons: is the Invisible Woman, and in love with a giant retarted rock. Actually, judging by Hollywood couples this movie's pretty eerily realistic.

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