Friday, February 22, 2013

Well I'll be Cornrowed May 09, 2007 2:38PM PST

Chinese Democracy(GnR album that exists only in myth... I should inform you this is a mere product of your imagination) has leaked a newer version of whatever song and I figured "Oh God, Marylin Manson's new one is god friggin awful, how bad has Axl gotten?"

As it turns out more Rocky Balboa than Rocky V. Which is surprising to me.

And no I haven't actually seen Rocky V but neither has anyone, ever. ...... Now that I think about it how do we no that was such a bad movie? Absolutely no one was there to see it and I've seen VI it wasn't half bad.

riff~ I didn't go buy the DVD but I did find DD enjoyable. Haven't seen The Punisher... or most of the movies in my previous blog... heh.

elie~ I forgot too

ace~ Yeah, at the current time Batman's all I'm interested superhero wise as well. Maybe if Iron Man gets good reviews...

brendan~ If I don't find it, I may just make a new one

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