Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oooohhh God not this shit again (immature blabber italicized so you can skip) Jul 31, 2008 2:42AM PST

I really should have been more careful to pick a college with fewer people from my high school in its soon-to-be Freshman population cause it looks like some of their minds are still in high school goddam. I don't really have a problem with this other than I might have to see one of these people at a friend's gig this Saturday: [Unnamed's status on facebook] Harry Potter's Birthday, now he can go buy porn lol! :P [My status on facebook shortly after] Looking at Potter=porn thinking wtf?! [Comment on my facebook] You leave my status alone! If you were smart you would get it... ruin my birthday like that RUDE! [My comment back after realizing it was this chick's birthday in the reminder I have never bothered to check] Oooh sorry, I thought it was just a joke haha Happy Bday! [Unnamed's later status] Not gonna let them ruin my day! [My current status] Meant no harm, just don't read the bday box often, my bad :( Yeah, I'm hoping that will suffice. Not that I feel I owe an apology (Harry Potter and porn are some pretty random things to shout to the public and I don't talk to her quite enough she should be too offended I missed her birthday... actually we're just barely acquantances from a high school with a graduating class of 111) but Christ I do not want to deal with this in any seriously devoted way. Exit these situations with a "my bad" and be on my merry way. Aaaanyway, in brighter news, I did get through reading and watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and it took way too long to underline that title specifically. Ahem. Anyway, I thought they were both great fun, and the movie did a good job of capturing the spirit and gave a pretty spot-on retelling (other than a few ommited scenes that are pretty much all in Deleted Scenes on the DVD). I actually found Thompson's "Jacket Copy for Fear and Loathing" even more interesting in some regards as it gives a sense of what he really feels on the situation... at least as much real as our Dr. Gonzo would let on of course. Also, I've reserved the morning of today to deposit tons of cash in $1 bills (thank God they have those machines that count shit for them or this would take FOREVER on account of I'm a waiter) and finding that dam Watchmen series somewhere in the local Half Price Books bin then off to work from 6 to 10pm. Speaking of work, I don't make nearly enough dough to feed myself or have an apartment (though I have saved enough to live off for at least a couple months) but the trade off is that I actually like and have fun with most of the people there despite what Cody is looking at in Google Reader at the moment (and I still find it chilling my deleted blogs don't register as deleted with that system). Oh crap filter keys! Dam that Bill Gates! hAVE TO TYPE THE REST LATER (noT MY FAULT, MY COMPUTER SUCKS) Edit: Well that problem stopped irritating me considerably faster than usual, now, back to nothing. Anyway, I don't need an apartment just yet, but my parents who actually have to pay bills without the luxury of just saving every dam penny like I do are having trouble with house payments again. It seems to be a problem that arises every month and eventually fixes itself, but I wonder how long before either someone needs higher pay or we're moving from the only house I ever lived in. I think I may need to smoke a black or two in the upcoming weeks. I'm kind of upset no one mentioned this non-addictive, nicotine-free pure tobacco gift to me earlier. Also, I'll tally up the last blog's votes and probably just post a few guitar vids regardless of any outcome then write on whatever it is most of you wanted.

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