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Random musings on life and work Jul 31, 2008 10:03PM PST

The guitar vids have to wait for an undisclosed time. Not that long, I just have to get the camera back. Life: Why does my savings account show $2,000 + and my checking account show just under $2,000 when I just created the savings today, and only deposited $1,034? Must be an online glitch. I'll just have to tell them when I deposit more tommorrow.... speaking of which I need to count that. Also, I just got back from blockbuster with a free coupon for August and a free rental of Office Space just before August starts. 'Twas a good day (I've never seen Office Space. Speaking of comedies, Step Brothers was, as mentioned previously, too obvious to be very funny. Many of the jokes are "they obviously sponsor us so we're gonna throw something in for them!", which I didn't mind in Ricky Bobby cause that feast of Pizza Hut and Pepsi actually helped established the character in a way. Here though, it's just slipped into the dialogue to appease the promoters, one of which is Outback Steakhouse, where I work. I managed to see The Dark Knight in IMAX for the second time and I was surprised to have many of the same reactions to the first bits. The audience who didn't yet know what a treat they were in for helped. At first I was a bit pissed to realize "IMAX" just means the screen expands to massive size, and not the giant dome I remember from grade school trips but it does help the city shots and action sequences. It does not however, make the ticket worth $8 more and I don't believe I'll be driving all the way to downtown Dallas for that again. Also, I missed a Harry Potter promotion they ran that was not in regular theaters. just saw the title and people cheering. Work: Went quite well for me today, as amazingly I managed to get $45 in tips while closing and only working about 4 hours. This is the pay I thought I'd be getting a while ago, and now it's here!.... and I have two weeks left 'till college...? Also, what happened in that blog I deleted was that the managers didn't care a $200 order left us tipless when the guy works for the city and waiters get gratuity fore that much food; and a girl was not fired for making love in the bathroom to her also-employee boyfriend while on the clock. This was shortly after a girl getting fired for not tucking her shirt in. What you may not know about me: I don't live in Dallas city, I live in the county. I'm incrediblt lazy on most days when I find work uneccesary, yet can work like a beaver the day before a deadline or when I actually see the point in working. I'm a hell of a lot less keen on many people than I let on, and can lie with a straight face with considerable ease. I haven't spent a dime with my earnings outside of food, gas and concerts. I rarely ever use my cellphone (Tracfone payment method) and can lose cellphones because I never have them with me. I actually did date a 22 year old from New York, drink 18 shots of vodka the very first night I got drunk, and witnessed an acid junkie right before he claimed to be God, stripped totally nude, and jumped off a bridge. No, that acid junkie was not my friend from facebook who takes acid. This all happened my Sophomore year in hig school. I rarely play games any more, and am mostly here for the blogs and community. I got an offer to play ashow on August 21, but refused cause the guy had never heard my songs and I don't wanna fret wank by my lonesome for what I'm almost sure will pay nothing and simply be "a recognition oppurtunity"I don't really want. I need a fucking band, man! My family has recently had troubles keeping the house I've lived in essentially my whole life. I think the fact I'm to be part of the college graduating class of the year the Mayan calendar ends is fuckin' groovy. I hate being called a metalhead, cause it implies I have conservative taste and only listen to metal. I feel there'san unfair notion that people like me with no fashion sense, and a closet full of black t-shirts are the ones with closed minds. Trust me, as someone who associated the genre with a then asshole older brother's abuse as a kid (we're good now) I had to open my mind way open to make the hop from Green Day to Black Dahlia Murder. I think the new EGM cover is the best in a while cause it features something other than guns-toting gun-toters and has a more focused look. I still think the girl on the cover is conservative by modern standards. I honestly don't think many "intellectuals" are very intelligent; simply pretentious about unique tidbits of knowledge they possess which are often meaningless and their tastes. I type exclusively with my right hand and sometimes the spacebar doesn't like to work. I could go on and on, but this is boring the shit outta me.

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