Sunday, February 24, 2013

Packing Jan 11, 2010 5:40PM PST

Packing all my stuff up to move in for training tomorrow. Also needing to buy textbooks (preferably online).


As far as Zelda goes, I'm in the Spirit Tower after defeating the Fire Temple. I put it down cause an arrow puzzle got extremely irritating, but now that I've figured it out I should have the game beat shortly.

Kind of figured out Korg DS and have a couple decent sounding tunes (not sure I saved em though) and Order of Ecclessia will be piccked back up once I finish Zelda.

I've gotten to world 4-4 in Super Mario Bros. playing it on, to the 3rd mummy boss in Castlevania, and I've defeated Flash Man in Mega Man 2. None of that is saved, nor is my Pokemon progress. Also got the first Triforce shard in Zelda 1. Now if only I could stop trying all these different games like a spaz I may actually beat one. Also, Bionic Commando was a bit tricky with no jump and some of the no name games suuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

For you Bioshock 2 fans, here's an interview about multiplayer:


An article in the Dallas Morning News paper said the Oscar race for best actor is between George Clooney and Jeff Bridges. Both myself and radio personality Adam Carolla are asking, what about Christoph Waltz who played the SS baddie in Inglourious Basterds? As per Adam's statement on his podcast, Waltz is a tour de force in 5 different languages and having seen Up In The Air myself I must say Clooney pales in comparison.

Of course, while I enjoyed Up In The Air I also think Inglourios Basterds would be my pick for Best Picture 2009.

What do you guys think?


Might post another guitar vid depending on my mood and the time. I don't have time to tune though, so expect the same crappy noise the high E string made in my "Fur Elise/Mario Underwold Theme" video, but "Gerudo Valley" and "Metal Gear Solid" bits may show up (again, if I have the time).


I need to get back into reading, I did about none of what I planned to with the religious texts I was annotating (though 12 years of Catholic school means I've already read much of the bible) and I'd like a good fiction work that's newer but doesn't require too much commitment (i.e. short). Any suggestions?

I'll accept graphic novels as suggestions too.


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