Sunday, February 24, 2013

In the new place Jan 13, 2010 4:17PM PST

First day of training almost complete, day started at 740am and will end at 1030pm and by that time I'll be working on our "homework" due next morning. Can't complain so far though, as the facility we're using for training is a) my new home and b) equipped with cushy chairs. This is also much easier having gone through it the first time, my nervousness is nonexistent this go round Anyway, these are the key differences between my old place and new place (both dorms). Old Twin Size Mattress Small room just big enough that both people can share opposing sides of the room, with small walking space inbetween the two beds (more if beds are bunked, never did that) Dresser on head of each bed/side with droors and vanity mirror, desk and shelf space at foot. Microfridge in middle of room near window Community bath and shower Carpet in room and hallways Concrete walls Stairs, no elevators 3 seperate buildings with 4 floors, also BLdg 3 has personal washing/dryer machines (I'm in Bldg 1 have community wash/dryer) New Full size mattress Bath and shower in room CA room large, but clearly equipped for one person Living room area with large fridge/freezer, microwave, and sink Two seperate ceiling fans/lights couch/coffee table in living room bed/desk space in bed room Note, only bathroom is actual seperated by a door, bedroom and living room are simply where wood floor ends and carpet begins Thermostat (control temp specific to room) Elevator Similarities Umm.... carpet in hallways. As are water fountains. Also community washers and dryers, but here there's a laundry room on each side of every floor, old place only had them on 2nd and 3rd. So there you have it, I basically got a nicer room... now if only they had put the plugs closer to the ethernet chord outlets like in the other room, I wouldn't be writing this on a coffee table in front of my front door. My fault for not remembering my ethernet chord and having to borrow a shorter one. Just noticed there's a few too many minor differences to get them all, but you get the picture. Anywhoo, thinking about maybe posting a new blog each day. What do you guys think? Bullets Seriously, is the shit As is youtube, but you guys know that, anyone heard about that kid in Uruguay getting 30mil from Hollywood based on a small youtube video he did? Gonna go attempt some guitar licks before our 730 meeting tonight

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