Friday, February 22, 2013

Possible Honduras trip Dec 15, 2006 4:15PM PST

School has set up trip to Honduras. I want to go but I don't know. It would be nice to get out of this stupid dog eat dog society for a while. Not that I don't appreciate what we have here I do(hell you need 3 vaccinations just to go to this country), but judging from the presentation and what other people tell me, Hondurans have their prorities in MUCH better sorted out fasion(IE they appreciate crap that actually matters). You ever just get tired of certain aspects of American culture and thought it'd be nice to go somewhere they just flat out know how to appreciate life and don't need to make a competition out of everything? Because the apparent fluff and lies and disgustingly competitive nature of applying for college(as I'm learning about it from my SAT/ACT Prep teacher... who I think got a perfect score on the SAT and I know she wrote some workbooks on it) has got me thinking this way. Also making me feel this way is Holiday Hussle. With all the assignments and housework I'll be having to do, and the fact I probably won't get a Wii or new guitar/amp for christmas(not that I'm bitching about my family saving me expenses on some CDs or a Family Guy Box set) I'm starting to think I can't wait until Christmas ends. But then there's the fact that this is probably the only two weeks that everyone gains some love and charity before their New Year's resolutions go to crap. Even Huckleberry Finn is telling me how ridiculous "civilised" society is. Even in that book, it's all just "upright" people with no moral code. You wouldn't think a 3rd World country would be something to envy, but while we understand things like capitalism, they understand what it means to be alive And I might not even take the trip. DISCLAiMER: Joay is not anti-American in any way, he simply is stressed out by misplaced values and workload and would like to see cute Honduran kids just being happy they have a damn soccer ball to play with

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