Friday, February 22, 2013

Postponement and Clarification Jan 10, 2008 1:49PM PST

I might not even get around to doing it but the point of last blog was to perform what should be the Grammys job for it (i.e. giving good, obscure music at least a little limelight time like Oscars does with movies) and make an alphabetically organized list of good, obscure music that at least if I didn't personally enjoy I knew others adored (two such bands were Aphex Twin and The Dilinger Escape Plan). Thing is, it was going to take a bit too much time to make links and descriptions for 26 songs and I'm not very good at actually finding obscure music that's also likeable on my own. So instead, next blog I hope to have done maybe a couple comics in MS Paint as I've done in the past in collaboration with myspace friends (and I still can't find that thing) but never on 1up. And to clarify, the Forensics Powerpoint mentioned last time was something for school, not a blog idea (though I assume most of those commenters might have known that). Also, for those of you mentioning how many light years beyond high school life college is, I wholeheartedly agree (I assume) but I think you're reading a bit too much into what I said about nerddom. That just means I'm slowing down on wild drinking so my applications won't suck, not that I'm a lowly nerd having a terrible time in high school (I am obviously a nerd, but I get out and have a good time which is part of the reason Zelda TP was collecting dust for so long).

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