Friday, February 22, 2013

Project Playlist Mar 16, 2007 12:17AM PST

I want one of those music players so bad except that 1) It slows people's pages down, my hate for that would be hypocritical if I got one 2) It doesn't accept AOL email accounts and I don't feel like creating a whole new email just for this. 3) I need to ensure there's a way I can control what song people hear when they visit my page to avoid them getting blasted with something a little too blue Also I'm thinking of doing a semiregular feature(think of it like a miniseries but for blogs not TV) called "Why Genres Are For Posers" Each blog will have some medium such as games, music, movies, books and I'll explore each genre and why I love/hate it and note a few genre benders. For those of you that don't know why my name is genresrforposers(hint: it has something to do with what I call "the hypocrisy of punk pretention") I'll explain that too. Think I should do it? And more questions. Speaking of questions I ripped this idea off thePhildown a long time ago, anyone seen him lately? 1. What type of music would be/is on your music playlist? 2. What's your favorite game genres? 3. Movies genres? 4. Book genres? 5. Music genres?

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