Friday, February 22, 2013

A Quick Flash Mar 15, 2007 12:53AM PST

and there were a pair of melons. ..... I'm completely friggin' serious like they came out of the sky RIGHT AFTER that thunderstorm. delicious little green things they are. The Games as Art Debate Rises Anew And really, who are film critics to judge games so harshly when they haven't played a game in their life? Me personally I believe in don't judge anything if you haven't tried it. And to be honest I have a problem with this hoity toity "art" BS in general. Having entertainment preferences does not in any way reflect your IQ. I'm sorry but just because you prefer The Departed to Shadow of Colossus it doesn't prove jack about your mental capacity. I hate prejudgements! You can all go to hell! LOl, not actually that serious about it, but really entertainment you choose shouldn't be an excuse for anyone else to call you moronic. To be fair I see some videogame-like qualities in 300, but it's not enough to write off an entire medium. In unrelated news: Dallas Mavericks lost in double-overtime to Phoenix Suns by two points(forgot score). Dang! Late Night CBS host Craig Ferguson's monologue tonight was about his struggle with alcoholism and why he's stopped doing Britney Spears jokes. I was surprised he was being serious(there were some jokes) but it made me feel kind of bad. I mean sure, she's responsible for her actions but honestly I don't care about her personal life, and if ET wants to bring me entertainment news they can preach about something other than a person's downfall. To be honest from now on, I'm viewing celebrities as people(I know that sounds wierd but it's easy to forget they're human sometimes). It was a strong speech. Of course that doesn't mean I don't still hate Furgi. Being a golddigger is something I don't feel sympathy for. On Oprah commercials today(don't ask) they had 10 year old US kids who had to basically run their families due to situations like crippled moms and parents without work. Made me appreciate how much I have, and that old cliche "there's problems in our own backyard". Now reading the Nathaniel Fick novel One Bullet Away for my English III AP class. My dad read it in two days and I'm hoping to get the 300 some odd pages read by next Monday(Spring Break end). He found it very interesting and its memoirs about the war in Iraq. My dad told me it's interesting and doesn't pull any punches so looking forward to it. 1. What do you think about movie critics' lowly view of videogames? 2. What about the videogames as art debate in general? 3. Think Craig Ferguson has a point or should all hell be let loose on Britney or do you just not *&^in care anymore? 4. Ever seen someone or some situation that made you really appreciate what you have? 5. War in Iraq? And of course if you'd like just talk about tyhe NBA lol

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