Friday, February 22, 2013

Proper blog Aug 30, 2007 2:30PM PST

coming when I feel like it. For now the first day of school was ok. Interesting is my Audiovisual Production class. We're apparently going to learn how to mix and master which would be AWESOME to fix what I just now realized is more of a technical mess than I thought, and I already knew it was pretty bad (see the blog) Then again the speakers where I am right now seem way too sensitive. I'd say that's time #1 I hadn't enjoyed Misfits "Scream". And I've gone back to check on these tracks a lot and never heard that news clip at the beggining of "Sniff Hymnal"'s bkg. Anyway we're doing it all throught something called Cuebate or somethng of the kind which is said to be relevant to nmost other sound production programs including ProTools. The teacher's promises of at the end of this course possibly being able to enter sound engineering internship sounds pretty good. At least I had one shining moment (two counting Forensics: we were all worried cause the teacher who left that woulda done it was so awesome; but this guy seems cool and the subject matter actually holds my interest even if I probably won't remember suclose's makeup of fructose and glucose) after my Math teacher already getting in her habit of keeping us late with 4 pages+ of notes as well as homework when I don't have the stupid HUNDRED AND THIRTY SEVEN DOLLAR BOOK! yet. But in a stroke of luck I didn't have English today and tommorow there are no classes (we go "on retreat").

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