Sunday, February 24, 2013

Quantam of Vengeance Nov 16, 2008 8:36PM PST

Anoyone who like Casino Royale (which I found abysmally boring; I've never liked card games and watching them being played is like watching the kid hogging the controller, I don't like the game he's playing but I'm bored enough for it to irritate me) will think this movie is inferior to that first installment. Anyone like me who prefers a bit more action and sauve (particularly in an opera scene) in their Bond movies will find it infinitely superior. Really that's all there is to say, but I will point out how oddly impressed I was by a villian that had a damn near believable plan (most convincingly doable I've ever seen in a Bond film anyway), the representation of an angrier and more reckless Bond, and a female lead strong enough not to be a total ho for the man. It did what Casino Royale didn't for me: entertain. Also, funny aside, a friend of mine dragged me to the midnight realease of World of Warcraft's expansion whatsit, and the clerks told me I was supporting a bad habit and was an enabler. I found this funny because I had smoked marijuana an hour beforehand. And yet, I still say my habit is about 10 times more healthy, and a HELL of a lot less addictive.

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