Sunday, February 24, 2013

Where were you? Nov 14, 2008 3:41PM PST

On November 4th, 2008, I was just coming back from smoking a bowl of marijuana with my friend ... we'll call him Pirate. Jaret the Pirate. Anyway, having attempted to get high three days in a row and continuously failing due to my not being aware of the fact you have to continue inhaling after hitting the bong, we returned once again to our college campus with me totally sober and the driever totally high. When we got back however, not all was quiet as usual. On this night, high pitch female voices were screaming something hard to understand. I began wondering whether or not I was actually high, and perhaps this was a bad trip where I invisioned armageddon (of course, I've actually gotten high since, and as far as I can tell you don't hallucinate; you just feel really damn good and floaty, Lil Wayne sounds godly even though you can't stand him sober and Pizza Hut is the nectar of life). Getting closer to the noises however, we realized what had happened. The shouts were of "OBAMA" and before we even saw the television screen in our dorm's lobby we knew who won. Though I was glad he won, I couldn't help but think I wasn't proud of why everyone had voted for or against him. Don't get me wrong, I feel he's the right candidate, but while his win is surely a progress in history, my recollection of the conversation during the election coverage showed less than such a feat in the general American population. There were still many black voters who could have easily been swayed to believe Obama was pro-life and wanting to station more troops in Iraq, and as many white voters called for his assassination in not-so-jokingly tones. The face of the man who would lead this country the next four years had changed; the country itself was still ignorant as ever. Because the guy I smoked with was so high, he and I watched the election coverage long after the big reveal, but being sober I watched for a different reason: I found the irony of a television screen trumpeting change and a social group around me remaining just as dumb as they always were humorous and frightening all at once. The right man was in office, but was it for the right reasons? Had we become ignorant enough to believe one man could change a country with no work from the country itself? Most importantly, would weed be legalized? After all, we jokingly decided we had smoked the man into office (I actually voted the Friday before), it's the least he could do. ..... Yeah, I can't end blogs on serious notes. Can't do it. Also, I just got my EGM and B&W cover = class. Who watches the Watchmen? :D

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