Friday, February 22, 2013

Raul, Fidel, Raul, Fidel 08/02/06

As Fidel Castro sits in the hospital with internal bleeding and a likelihood of death, Cuban escapees in Miami celebrate. Fidel has dedcided to put his brother Raul at least temporarily in power, and should Fidel die Miami will go into a phase 3 security plan calling on the national guard to control street partying that may and probably would ensue. My question: what difference does this make? Isn't Raul going to do basically the same things Fidel did? Does anyone know why this would be so great other than the fact Fidel dies(if he does)? On a lighter note, I've noticed some similarities between V for Vendetta and Cowboy Bebop: The Movie. Pharmaseudical companies, corrupt governments etc etc. Ok so this could show up in a lot of movies easily but there's something that loosely connects the two in my mind. Maybe Sinchiro Watanabe was a fan of the Vendetta graphic novel. Meh, good movies both of 'em(with V having the edge over Bebop, movies not series).

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