Sunday, February 24, 2013

Reportiung from the highasfuck Dec 06, 2008 2:20AM PST

Ther will v no more sorrow.... just wait till toimoroow. It'll sal come tomorrow man.

Lol, I wobder if ppl spoke in tongues that way, luke how I hyst typed. Likie incoherent morons, cavemen of another time. Captain Spock come home to us!

I was watching Triumph the Insult XComic Dof today, had no class. I mean like I had no school, not Triump is a classy guy. Sure he's bitfchj but he's not female, so scientifically speaking he muist be an asshole.

I was just weondering what if JKerry Lewis could take over the world? I mean Falwell. Falwell would be scary if his death wasn't such a happy fgun time for rationalists.

I hope I didn't say nartionalists. I mean they're nice ppl, just I don't know whart they are. I muvch better understand rationalists cause I am one; I have a rationalist card I got from the Atrheist center? Did you knoiw us Atheists are trhe only rational ppl? Well I'm Agnostic, so I'm not rational I'm just a poussy.

You knoew who else is a piddy man? Like Gandhi's a pussy cause he's not Jesuds. He probably playts to a liberal God, ciuty boy motherfuvcker. The Jeffesrsonians were awesome cause they belierved in the farm God.

They knew what wheat was for man, and God could do it.

I could easily correct my spelling iof I wanted to, but I don't cause it wouldnt b funny that way. I'm only typing to see how funny this looks when I'm sober,

althought it looks more [propjetuc thanm funny. All I can say to rend this blogd is brain on drugs = EPIC FSSAUL!


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