Friday, February 22, 2013

Required Fun(abridged version, means shorter) Oct 10, 2006 2:01PM PST

Disclaimer: last time I just had a bad day, didn't mean to go off like that and I apologize. Still, please actually comment on it lol. We've all read those pesky required reading books from Scarlet Letter to Moby Dick, Fahrenheit 451 to Atari: Of Weed and E.T developing. Ok, so that last one isn't required but should it be? It's historically important right?(or at least it would be if it existed) What about movies? We all thought Crash was worth at least a looksee right. Oh, but it's rated R. Trust me folks, about half of the required books you read in high school would be at least PG 13 in movie form. So why are we only requiring great books and not great movies? How about music? Seriously, one fourth grader recently told me his class had no idea who Led Zeppelin is. Now that's just SAD. Everyone should know Led Zeppelin. Schools, you have failed me. And videogames. For the love of God play Mario at least once. We could even require the dumbass masses to at least TRY works of art like Okami and Shadow of the Colossus. Yay games that aren't sports you can ALREADY PLAY OUTSIDE. FOR FREE. YOU SHOULD TRY IT SOME TIME. Yet, books are still the only thing your required to experience. Don't want to be a writer, but a musician? Too bad, read X book and figure out that other thing in your own time. What about a director, videogame developer? Pay for special classes, we only have time for reading. Now I'm not saying required reading is a bad thing, God knows we could all benefit from a book or two(this nation's already on its collective ass, might as well educate ourselves a bit in the meantime). But there are historically important events like Hendrix's Star Spangled Banner solo or the "beggining of swears in movies" in Gone With the Wind that make me wonder, how can we still think books are the only media we need to be educated on? Either that or have an option between the four mediums, so at least you decide which your most interested in, instead of only having books shoved on you.

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