Friday, February 22, 2013

*Sighs Relief* Oct 10, 2006 9:11PM PST

Well now that that last blogs fiasco is over with(btw beto I commented you back and your right it was kind of ignorant to say 4th graders not knowing Zep is sad. But I wasn't advocating the removal of required reading, just adding crap onto it lol) back to some regular bloggin'. Anyway, recently the PS3 is looking better. A lot better. It's just that games like "Lair" that have such amazing graphics and neat concepts along with MGS4 and some others that make that $600 a lot harder to not plunk down. And while I wasn't expecting much graphically, Miyamato's affirmation that the Wii will essentially be the Gamecube with a new controller, I'm becoming a bit reserved about buying it. Sure, it's "new gen" but PS3 will have a controller with somewhat similiar capabilities(at least it seems that way in the newest EGM's description of how certain games'll use the controllers) PLUS the pretty graphics. But then there's 360. It's got Gears of War, Assasin's Creed, Dead Rising and others. But these types of games seemed to be overshadowed by FPSs and online games, neither of which I usually play(GoW is 3rd person shooter for those wondering). I use to just KNOW I was only getting a Wii, but this decision just got a whole lot harder. Good news is, there's always music! And a friend of mine just helped me discovered a little Swedish band called Children of Bodom. I love metal with keyboards. And in further news, my room has been clean for days. Now I'm no neat freak(yet) but I gotta tell ya it feels GOOD to have all that space. So, questions: 1) Have your next gen plans changed in the past few weeks? 2) Heard any music that just made you go "holy crap!" lately? 3) Are you clean or a litterbug? 4) Ummm.... how's life?

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