Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rob Zombie Review Up Feb 03, 2010 10:03PM PST Don't know if I'll go with the song-by-song breakdown approach for subsequent reviews, but I figured it worked here since I mostly knew what production techniques and influences went into the song arrangements. Pros to the song-by-song breakdown include a more in-depth and technical approach to the song arrangement, and something to compare to for the reader (i.e. do they totally not hear the indie rock influences I do or is that what piqued their interest and they agree completely?). Cons are that it creates a potentially more dry read, and doesn't cut to the chase on overall album quality so some readers might become disinterested. Again though, given the experimentation occuring in the album, I feel I made the right style choice as far as reviews go. Maybe I'm wrong and it could be melted down into two paragraphs. Tell me what you guys think.

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