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Shadow Mage Oh yeah! Feb 18, 2007 7:43PM PST

But since I don't play Final Fantasy, I have chosen something to represent this accomplishment of sitting on my ass and logging into 1up in a much more satisfactory manner:

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EDIT! More pwnage: He was trained by a guy named Joe ;)

And he's number 11 on this list

And now to celebrate this occassion, I'll dissect that admittedly stupid list(or at least the first 20 in it)

Jim Hendrix~ No surprise here. But I don't know if he's the greatest technical guitarist, he's really more revered for the fact he practically invented rock guitar/played with passion. I point that out because most kids that just say Hendrix is best because that's what their told don't get why he's the best.

Duane Allman~ Not a huge country fan but still a solid choice.

B.B. King~ And it goes rock, country blues

Eric Clapton~ Complex chord changes without looking!

Robert Johnson~ I'll have to admit I'm not familiar

Chuck Berry~ Don't know too well either

Stevie Ray Vaughn~ Have a DVD of him playing "Texas Flood" behind his back while singing. Texas FTW!

Ry Cooder Lol, I have a friend we call "Kuter"

Jimmy Page~ My tastes would have put him at 2nd but at least he deservedly gets a top 10 spot

Keith Richards~ Not sure he did anything overly impressive guitar-wise but his invincibility is quite impressive

Kirk Hammett~ Deserved a spot in the top 10 for getting me into music in the first place(Shadow Mage)

Kurt Cobain~ WHAT?! Importance in music: great, huge force in getting the 90s scene interesting. On guitar: He did advocate a new style... that was simplistic and does not justify him having a spot above Santana(I like his music better, but this list is supposed to be about guitar work)

Jerry Garcia~ I hear his name a lot and Grateful Dead's a cool name. Thumbs up.

Jeff Beck~ Like Cobain, I like his music, but I'm not so sure his guitar work is all that complex

Carlos Santana~ It's an injustice he isn't higher up.

Johnny Ramone~ This is when you realize they should have remembered to explain the best bands and best guitarists list are seperate ideals: another great band member but never did much on guitar a newbie couldn't pull off

Jack White~ Ok, so pretty much after 10 we've seen a trend of these musicians that do great work, but aren't necessarily guitar virtuosos like the list is supposed to be about

John Frusciante~ Really started doing some great work on Stadium Arcadium but still takes kind of a backseat to bassist Flea

Richard Thompson~ Another I need to look up

James Burton~ Damnit I know I've heard of that guy.

So to recapitulate: Rolling Stone should clarify whether this list is supposed to be about who plays with the greatest skill or passion on guitar(which it's supposed to be about) or just who's in everyone's favorite band(which it ended up being about)

Admittedly, I enjoy simpler music and if this was a vote on greatest songs or band I wouldn't have a problem with this list.

But come on Rolling Stone readers! Johnny Ramone should NOT rank above Santana on a freakin' guitar list!

Your opinion?

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