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50 Twilight Princesses arguing over games and religion Feb 25, 2007 8:18PM PST

Drive to 50 was a success

Thanks to all who contributed and argued over what guitarist was better in celebration of the 50,000 points it takes to become Shadow Mage.

And yes, when I get 100,000 points you better believe I'm doing a drive to 100. Until then, it's bussiness as usual.

(oh yeah and uh bluesteelruns, FF_Killa says how to shrink pics in the drive to 50's comments)

On to regularly scheduled programming

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Editor's Note: Gamecube Version

I finally bought it Saturday and have already logged in 7 and a half hours... yet am only barely on my way to Death Mountain after completing the first dungeon.

Looks like it'll be a long one.

Thoughts so far:


Wolf Link is awesome to play as

Combat is fun, especially with the wolf

Graphics really help the darker-than-expected story out with cool water effects and realistic character faces allowing for greater connections to characters.

I've logged 7 and a half hours into this game, only completed the first dungeon and a quest thereafter, and nothing's felt overly tedious so far. It's gonna be a long one with more bang for the buck

Midna has much more personality than those one-color fairy's Link used to hang around

Controls well when my controllers actually work >_<


Maybe I'll get used to it, but I'm constantly pressing start to set X and Y items when they're now set to a menu accesed by pressing up on the D-pad.

Also a gripe is that you can only have two button-assigned items now.

Midna is more interesting than fairies and can be cool.... but also incredibly annoying.

Technical Difficulties

My Nintendo controller doesn't like Link going fast, making jumping nigh impossible, while my Mad Catz controller does everything perfect.... but spazzes out and makes Link run in circles sometimes, so I have to switch controllers throughout playtime >_<

Overall I'm having plenty of fun so far, we'll see how this turns out :P

Click here for a very good and telling news story that was unfortunately overlooked

It's basically the stepmom of one of the hobo murderers telling Penny Arcade that the violence was his own damn fault, he was a punk kid to begin with, and she does not buy into the gaming-as-scapegoat approach to child rearing.

I wholeheartedly agree with about everything she says.

Point, What's Your Point

I've recently had disagreements with 1uppers Frescho11 and Brighat.

I argued that the Bible was man-made and had some ideas that... weren't so healthy with Frescho11. His response to me I felt actually helped my point along and made him seem overly zealous.

I don't at all have anything against people who believe the Bible is a direct act of God and use it for good. I do however have a problem with people that stick this text in everyone else's faces acting as if they are somehow closer to God than the rest of us.

I consider myself Christian since I pray often and follow Christian ideals(love>violence etc) but I think the Bible itself has a few very human flaws, especially in the Old Testament.

As for Brighat, it's a much much less serious dissent but he thinks everyone who bought Wiis are "marks" and a stain on the human race.

He describes himself as an elitist.

Personally, I see nothing wrong with the people who buy Wiis. There's nothing stupid about wanting a good workout from Wii Sports and having fun with friends inside, without gaining weight.

Also, what you choose to entertain you really doesn't say nearly as much about your IQ level as this guy seems to think.

There's plenty of retards that like the "prettiful" music of Bach, and I'll bet you a handsome sum there's at least a handful of scientists that don't mind Chingy.

Because you know the only reason you comment is to hear your own voice:

1. Who are some of your favorite musicians and why?
2. Are drives to "insert no. of comments" obnoxious or fun?
3. How do you feel about Twilight Princess(Wii or Cube)?
4. Violence and videogames: how connected are they and is the ESRB doing their job?
5. Ever gotten into an argument with a 1up user? Details?

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