Friday, February 22, 2013

Showing Improvement 09/07/06

Some of my pneumonia has cleared up and I'll be back to school by Monday. Good: I have an extra weekend to get caught up after my lazy week. Should be able to start work soon, which is good because I'm expecting a VERY small paycheck(that I was supposed to pick up last week) Bad: 3 of my teachers haven't responded with homework and 2 classes I can't do jack about. So... going back is going to SUCK. Also, I haven't been very interested in music lately... usually a sign of depression. Plus, due to lack of inspiration I'm not much on my out-of-tune 4 stringer that came out of a box that said "Electric Guitar" in neon letters. Where the hell is my tuner and strings? And, just to annoy me apparently, a cricket is chirping it's head off inside my house and we have no idea where it is. DIE cricket DIE! Plan: Get caught up on all homework I have the ability to catch up on. Rent Viewtiful Joe or look for Beyond Good & Evil on GC. Response from last blog: lin- He got $100 plus lunch and got to watch Walbergh get the shit beat out of him by real ex-college football players who got payed to beat on him ;) In other news: You all know the movie world's crapmaker Uwe Boll right? Well he just beat up a journalist with no boxing training with his uh... boxing training skills. Hopefully, EGM's Seanbaby can get in the ring as they are planning because I don't know about you but Seanbaby looks like he could kick some ass. GO SEANBABY! Who's your money on?: Seanbaby or Uwe Boll and why?

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