Friday, February 22, 2013

Devil on your back, Keith can NEVER die! 09/13/06

Remember two days ago when we were all talking about Steve Irwin's death? Oh no wait, we were talking about that thing that happened 5 years ago. Something about towers, people not acting like douchebags for a full 2 weeks*. Oh and imagine Tom Brokav's voice with these words: "I cried 35 minutes at home by myself". Classic. Well anyway... All this recent destruction and the death of someone we thought was unkillable(Steve) has got me thinking: How is Keith Richard's going to die? My theory is either he'll be killed by a deadly stingray, since those apparently have a love of killing the unkillable or he'll just turn to dust and return to the ancient Aztec land of whence he came(they figured out a way to make him stay alive this long, that's the ONLY explanation and you know it) But instead of hearing my unoriginal ideas, let's hear yours. Comment with your scenario on how this efficiently-powered-by-smoke rock star is going to croak with whatever words, pictures or videos you like. I just want to know: how's Keith gonna go? * not aimed at 9/11 victims or their families who have our sympathy, but the apathetic general public

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