Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sloppy Mess Oct 05, 2008 1:57PM PST

Well, I still can't seem to settle on just one song to play (or learn one in its entirety for that matter) so once again my guitar playing is sloppy mess.

At least I tried. It's basically improv with random Metallica parts, most prominently AJFA whose solo is incredibly sloppy on account of I only read that part of my Guitar World in the last two days. Enjoy. Or don't, cause it truly is sloppy.

Also, I listened to Cliffs of Dover, and while I'm sure I could play the most repeated part I didn't feel like the effort last night, sorry crazycanadian.

On the bright side, moving away from the amp seems to take those pesky acoustic sounds out of the mix. I had a really good improv ruined by those damn noises when I saw it on video Yell

If I find a camera in Nac, I'll try to upload a video of my crappy guitar for you guys, or maybe me talking? Who wants to see me talking? Anyone? Anyone? No one? Does anyone have Skype? I don't have a video cam at the dorm, but you could hear my voice. No one? Ok fine.


You know what I just realized is that I set the amp for kind of a crunchy tone, which would have been perfect for "No Remorse". Damn.

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