Sunday, February 24, 2013

Starcraft 2 Win? Jul 28, 2010 2:40PM PST

I just wanted to put this blog here to say that RTS is even lower on the list of genres I can enjoy than are JRPGs, and I therefore have even less interest in winning SCII than I did in going to E3 (though looking back on how E3 centered around 3DS, in hindsight I probably would have enjoyed that experience).
I would also like to point out that RTS ruined what could have been a Brutal Legend franchise, and that a really cool looking PC game I had my parents buy me because it had mecha death bots falling to their doom on the back cover literally bored me to tears as a young child. Because it was an RTS, and therefore boring as shit. Don't promise me awesome robot fighting then give me an overhead view of a 2D base and menu screens, stupid game.
Thus, I will join none of you in Starcraft hype and just look at Metroid: Other M on Wii in envy, because at this point I don't want to pay for newer consoles I feel might soon be replaced.
That is all.
Edit: To keep from too much negative, I will say SF X Tekken looks pretty damn sweet.

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