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Top 6 games I need to play Jul 29, 2010 1:33AM PST

Why top 6? Because my amplifiers go 5 lower than Spinal Tap's do.

6. A Link to the Past

Technically, I have played this game a few times during my childhood but that's because it was the only SNES game one of my family's friends had. I actually saw the top-down view and heard the label "RPG" and was pretty turned off to it. Yes, I know, the action was real time but I think in my 5 minutes before giving up on it each time I only recognized the text talking with villagers. Plus it took place in ye olde times, whereas my seven year old (maybe younger?) self was interested in dinosaurs and the future. Or future dinosaurs!

Interestingly, I found much the same initial distaste with the disgustingly green world of Ocarina of Time, but then for whatever reason I ended up giving that N64 classic a shot and have bought most of the Zeldas after it since (pretty sure the GBA ones are all I missed). Thus, I'd love to play the greatest 2D Zelda (I thought Minish Cap was pretty sweet too).

5. Beyond Good and Evil

Hell, I remember Pokemon Snap being pretty enjoyable back in the day (remember Blockbuster had those machines?), I don't see why adding tits to that equation would hurt.

Honestly though, I'm just intrigued by the concept (and the hype from everyone who's played it) around the game. It involves taking pictures in the place of mindless shooting and involves a conspiracy plot I might actually find intriguing? Sign me up eBay... if I can find a reasonably priced Gamecube controller that is. Ones I have either work then completely malfunction, or the up direction doesn't work.

4. Shadow of the Colossus

I actually doubt I'd enjoy this as much as everyone else, but since it seems to be the heart of the games as art debate just like Mortal Kombat was the sphincter of the games as violent, society destroying toys debate, I feel I should check it out. Then I'll continue to hear Ebert insinuate that I can't read a book I read in 7th grade based on my gaming hobby and an internet poll he conducted. Yes asshole, I understand that Mark Twain is more important than gaming to our culture and I LOVE Twain's quotes especially, but videogames don't cause illiteracy.

3. Psychonauts

Of Tim Schafer's games, this is the most tantalizing to me. I still want to play Brutal Legend, but the RTS bits of that I likely won't be keen on. A platformer that takes place in other people's minds, though? Oh hell yes.

Inception could have learned something from the art design behind this game. Just because the dreams feel real don't mean they have to look it. I still love Inception, but I'd probably like Psychonauts' creative mind jumping a bit more. If only it had come out for Gamecube, I'd have long solved this dilemna. I get that at the time, GC had less real estate for 3rd parties to bank on, but I still hold that the type of game it was probably would have appealed more to GC owners like me than it did to PS2 and Xbox owners. Damn.

2. Bayonetta

I know it's new, but it looks so good. Not so much for the Team Ninja-like sex appeal, but because of everything else in it that's so over the top it just has to be badass.

1. Super Metroid

Much like Link to the Past, I mistook this for an RPG. Not because of gameplay with villagers, nor the fact it sometimes got called RPG. No, I thought it was an RPG because it had a dragon on the cover. Yes, I passed this in Blockbuster every time because I thought the box art was awesome BUT Ridley = dragon = must be RPG and I was tired of getting suckered into RPGs with good graphics, box art or otherwise.

Fast forward to 2003, I enjoy and buy both Metroid Prime and Fusion, and learn that Super Metroid is considered by many Game Numero Uno. I did get to play some of it at University through a friend, but he's graduated now, so I can't just use that SNES any more. Needless to say, I need to play it in full.




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