Friday, February 22, 2013

Stop yelling at me fools! 09/17/06

God I hate console wars. Last blog was just an observation that gimmicky prefixes tend to sell. THAT'S IT FANBOYS! ARGUE AMONGST YOURSELVES BUT LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE! *ahem* So.... who else is starting to think they might not buy ANY of the next-gen consoles? *raises hand* Let's see Wii- Virtual Console is going to be fucking sweet for people like me who grew up with NES and SNES, plus it's a way to rectify those purchases of crappy gameshow games like Anticipation with more guided purchases of stuff like Bionic Commando I missed out on. That pluse Sega games makes this a feature with absolutely no cons considering there's definitely a lot of people selling SNES crap for way more than $5-$10 trust me. I'm not sure I understand a lot of the online stuff but it really doesn't matter since I'm not an online gamer... yet. But if I were I just wouldn't be sold on it yet. And finally, the controls have me excited for this console over the competition but, for how long? 360- There's really no reason I shouldn't want this especially with Assasin's Creed and plenty of 3rd party support bound to be lost by Sony and gained by MS. But I just can't get over my perception of boring that I have with 360... it's totally irrational but I just don't "feel" the system. PS3- Some of the stuff here looks graphically awesome, but 360 is capable of nearly the same so it'll have to look more awesome for me to get interested. I don't buy free Xbox Live for a second(and again not an online gamer) and I don't need Blu Ray so meh to the extras. So there you have it. Absolutely nothing new except that I won't buy ANY next gen consoles till next year. Zelda's on Gamecube by the way. Yeah. Oh and if PS3 was $400 I'd choose it over 360 in a heartbeat. But since its $600 I'd choose 360 over IT in a heartbeat. Who's with me? Let's play the waiting game! Yeaaaaaah!


  1. Hey Joe. Man WTF is up with your blogs? lol. Your posting new ones every minute. I don't have any plans on buying a next gen console. Except maybe the Ouya. They are all so meh to me. The WiiU's controller looks retarded and I could give a shit less about gimicky crap like that. PS4 is probly gonnna be outrageous in terms of price. I hate Microsoft other than their operating systems.

    I say the best thing for you to do would either wait and see if they are ACTUALLY going to release games on the VC. The lack of games on the Wii's VC is horrifying. If I was you I'd just buy a FC Twin for $40 and start hunting down those NES and SNES games. Just my 2 cents anyway. Glad to see you on Blogger man!

    1. The reason they're popping up like that is cause this website is for the 500 blogs I wrote on 1up to be archived. lol

      For instance, this blog was written on September 17, 2006.

      For new blogs, I'll see you on Pixlbit!