Friday, February 22, 2013

Introducing the iPokeWii 09/15/06

Ever noticed how Americans go crazy for gimmicky names. It's no wonder why Pokemon was so popular. It's prefix was attached to EVERYTHING! Why would I want a piece of crap machine that just serves as an index of fake animals? Because it's a friggin' POKEdex! What about that fakely shiny card game? It's a POKEcard game! Ok, so maybe that was just 10 year olds being stupid. But then came the iPod. Why would you want a boring MP3 player(what a longass name) when you could have a sexy stylish iPod. Now let's get some iTunes and iTV and iPhonomenon on. These are household names NOW but initially would you have thought "Pokeyman" would take off even without the dumbererer pronouncing used by unknowledgeable parents? Would you have thought you'd put an MP3 player as the standard in your mind just because it had "i" in front of it. Hell, what IS an i"Pod" anyway, some camera used in Star Wars or something? Yup, they sound dumb. But they're also VERY simple and easily applied to any word in the English iDictionary. Clearly, this explains the Wii's name. Not only are we putting it to the gimmick prefix test with Wiimote, WiiConnect, and Wiinternet(ok that's mine) but we're making it the add-on console with crap like "Wii60" and "PSWii". This holiday season, we won't want animals, MP3 players and game machines. Those are so damn cliche. Give us our Pokemon, iPods, and Wiis.

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