Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thanksgiving Break! Nov 24, 2009 1:56AM PST

Your comments last blog have all ben replied to. Anywhoozle, my turkey day could potentially be hindered by the fact my school Sex Fun and Alcohol (yeah, right) finally started winning football games and got to #1 in our conference. For me as a student and a resident, it means excitement and apparently a giant Chief Cado replica. For me as a CA... it means dorms open up early for people who want to watch the game (we won the bid to have it at home). Luckily however, coming back early is only suggested and more importantly, not in our contract. Plus, I have the legitimate excuse of not having thanksgiving until Saturday due to relatives working. So I won't be returning 'til noon Sunday (as per my contract). Downer part 2: This short holiday is further shortened by the fact of an English paper being due when we get back, 20% of our grade, and a final speech due the day after returning, again a large chunck of our overall grade. Current wtf? bureaucracy move: Our Hall Director was recently fired due to "performance issues", which is probably deserved for reasons I won't mention, but the decision to remove him and hectically put four Assistant Hall Directors with varying office hours and the overall Residence Life head who has too many office hours to practically be here in his place when we're at a point in the semester we're just winding down seems like it had to be more a symbolic "see what happens when you slack off because it's your last year" firing than anything else, and I wish they could have just kept things as is until semester's end.RUN ON SENTENCE NO COMMAS. Oh well, the place did need fixing up and I'm happy to help do so. Still, I can't wait to reunite myself with real food again, and I just got through giving myself the most awesome pre holiday sendoff: playing SNES with my friend Austin. Super Metroid, SFIITurbo and Turtles in Time + youtube vids and a short play of Assassin's Creed? Aw, yeah.

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