Friday, February 22, 2013

That went considerably smoothly Jul 02, 2007 9:38AM PST

Second day of driving went far better, only thing I was criticized for was hitting the brakes a bit too often. Anyway I want to post some of the stuff in John Stossel's book Myths, Lies and Downright Stupidity but before I give myself the pain in the ass of editing/giving my own opinion to avoid plaigarism I want to know which sections you may be interested in. So I'll break down what's in the book and some of the things talked about in each. Note: The opinions of John Stossel do not necessarily reflect those of genresrforposers (though in many cases they might). There are many more topics in chapters than revealed here, this list is a result of skimming for more currently debated issues. PM if you're curious what other topics are in there. Clueless Media Self explanatory, one section talks about how pesticides really are harmless (mostly), another about radioactivity being safe, another about the lack of any actual cancer epidemic and Stossel's view all throughout is that we believe these things because scientifically clueless newscasters sell panic. There's also something about how Global Warming is pure bullshit apparently (well he does acknowledge the earth has gotten about 1/6 of a percent warmer but that's as far as it goes; don't write him off yet as unlike 1up editor Milky he actually gives information on where he gets his facts from) He and She Talks about the ridiculous frivilous lawsuits regarding sexism, how the EEOC (Equal Employment Oppurtunity Commission) only exists to make money, that men earn more than women for a reason etc. Bashing Business Stossel's view is that goverment doesn't protect us from business, competition protects us when government's outta the way. Also price control harms poor and sick and "gouging" saves lives. Higher drug prices= better drugs, and higher minimum wage hurts more than it helps. Also businesses don't care about free markets (no shit) Monster Government Stossel believes that Republicans lie when they say they'll shrink government, farm subsidies won't really help food supply that much, we don't need the govt. to give us PBS, you have no idea what taxes you're paying, govt. hurts poor people by vomiting money everywhere, environmental regulators are more radical activists than dispassionate scientists, yet Stossel still believes the people run America. Hmm.. Stupid Schools Teachers in NY possibly overpaid? Educating children id better in market competition than government monopoly? Many kids can't even read by high school? Public schools are not underfunded? Teachers don't need teaching certificates to teach well? Homeschooling isn't just for shut-in crazies and home-schooled kids do well? Vouchers are good things? We'll see. Consumer Cons Bottled water isn't better than tap (please don't tell me people bought that it was), brand names aren't better they just cost more, buying on the internet doesn't risk identity theft as much as you think, diamonds support South African cartels... not love, premium gas is only better for your car is it's somewhat odd, bait works better to kill cockroaches than spray, etc. The Lawsuit Racket Stossel feels bad for helping lawyers as a reporter and says lawsuits hurt hundereds of people more than it helps, "defective product" lawsuits deprive us of safer products, malpractice lawsuits hurt patients, lawsuits decrease safety by creating meaningless warnings, public interest lawyers make you pay for their own political views, etc. Ok and then there's 3 more chapters Our Health, Perils of Parenting (including how videogame is just a vehicle to sell news), and Pursuit of Happiness (money doesn't buy you happiness, some people really are just born happy, more work makes Johnny happier?) And then something about how he's a libertarian not a conservative but likes conservatives better cause he finds liberals close-minded and unwilling to debate him. So, what parts do you want me to go more in-depth on next blog?

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