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Those who mind are made of matter, and those who matter have a mind Jan 14, 2009 7:28AM PST

Edit: I have defeated the crab. I just wanted everyone to know that. The crab is dead. Long gone is the crab.

(PS I made a twitter








Am I a Christian a Muslim a Buddhist a Jew

If one must be right then why can't all of you

you liberals conservatives and independents too

just accept equal parts in your limits of this eternal stew?


Cause we can't all be right but we could all be wrong

When we come with an answer we question all along

I hear muted voices try singing a song

of how maybe, just maybe we could all get along


If we stopped building walls with our words and our thoughts

contradicting ourselves with our high and mighty plots

Could we all light the candles, could we all deck the halls?

Could we tear down these labels, so we tear down these walls?

/ What I would have put on the Atheist sign in Washington D.C.

Will you secular reps stop misrepresenting me?


Pat Robertson's 2009 Predictions

For those of you who suffered the consequences of not planning for that 2007 terrorist attack, here comes a whole new list of things to watch for:


You're damn right Robertson gets the messages from God, God = The Economist circa 2 years before his 2008 predictions!

Thou shalt not have false idols before The Economist. You hear him socialist commies?! NO FALSE IDOLS BEFORE THE ECONOMIST!!!!

Of course, he does admit if he gets it wrong (2007) it's his fault which..... wasn't that kind of everyone's point?

In other news, Order of Ecclesia is interesting in how bosses are sometimes at the begginning of levels, not sure I like it or not yet.

I hate crabs..... especially one's I can't hit directly. Bastards.

As for Bush, I agree with The Young Turks



The man just does not understand what he is doing.... and will retire within the confines of my own county *shudders*.


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