Friday, February 22, 2013

Today was not my day Jun 29, 2007 1:35PM PST

Well ok, Robin Williams sort of made it better just by being himself on some news show but Driving Practice @ 730(AM) went terribly. I turned before I was supposed to (I could have swore she said "next light" not "second light") into a Do Not Enter area (almost before I turned). Then I turn into the center lane on accident when I was on the outside left lane (meaning I was supposed to turn left into the right lane on the next... ah screw it). Now this really sucked because I've been driving everywhere for the last few days with absolutely nothing going wrong and actually high parental praise but then today I was just way too damn nervous, didn't know where to go, and the instructor informing me the brakes were wet likely didn't help my nerves. Plus that damn noise every time I hit the accelerator, blaring sun, much bigger feeling of scrutiny etc. all led to a feeling of total failure afterwards To ward off this feeling I played basketball but that just ended up making me yet again hit the righthand mirror on the minivan that almost magnetically gets hit by the ball if I miss the basket. Then I go inside and figure more excercises will help me feel better but my lower back hurts forcing me into the most patronizing position known to man (legs up on couch) and I lose the remote right when Access Hollywood thinks I gives a damn about how Paris Hilton fared on Larry King Live. Now there's a perfectly good scientific explanation for all of this, but I prefer the easy answer: PARIS HILTON WROENED MY DAMN DAY WITH MAGIC SLUT CREAM (glitter I believe it's referred to in France)! PS Sorry for the bitching I've gotten over it since 10AM this morning really (well back still could be better but it's fine) but my plans to blog on some of John Stossels's "Digging up the Truth" book or whatever it's called were cut short by my inablity to find it. I wanted to flaunt a couple things he said as "see, what did I say?" but also question some of what he wrote. When my dad gets back and tells me where it is, I'll go ahead and edit out all the whine-o

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