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Umm.... What should I blog about? Jan 05, 2010 12:42PM PST

Well, first here's three things Bayonetta reminds me of:

1. Why I like promotional music

The song used in the promo of Bayonetta is the Skream remix of this song:

Personally, I think the above is a better song than the remix, but the remix certainly works great for the actual promo:

Also, it's not something I' d keep on heavy rotation in my ipod but I was reminded on how much hype the use of "Madworld" created for Gears of War when it first hit:

(Sorry it's this crappy video, somehow the promo is on every videogame video I've seen recently, but hasn't been uploaded on youtube properly)

2. Games as Art

Huge ? if you didn't listen to yesterday's 1up 4 guys podcast where Constantine of Sega of America put himself squarely on the "we make entertainment" side of things but then said he loved the art department at Platinum Games for their work on Bayonetta. I just find it interesting that something surrounded by and including art isn't art, yet I'm mostly on Constantine's side. I guess it's the experience that's not art yet to me.

3. Style over Substance is a viable option

Say what you will about the absurd, hyperviolent sexualization that is Bayonetta but let's be honest here: would you rather play through Little Women as a game? Frankly, I get tired of people who want every movie to be a touching indie drama, and the concept of ennui has been beaten over my head in three lit courses now (why the hell would you choose boredom as a main theme?) to the point I've come to appreciate this type of entertainment more than those depressing novels I read.

Ok, maybe not MORE, I like a narrative that's well thought out but still.

Anywhoo, what else do you guys want to hear from me? I'm thinking of doing a blog where I have audio of myself reading the blog, I just figure it'd be more interesting than simply text.

So what do you guys think would be a good topic?

Edit: Speaking of music, though I swore off anything on the radio or detuned and with nothing but bar chords, I must say I'm impressed with the new Three Days Grace song "Break"

It reminds me of why I listened to this music before swearing off it. The lyrics to me are pretty much about music and why I listen to it: "if you can't stand the way this place is, take yourself to higher places".

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