Sunday, February 24, 2013

Unsurprising developments Sep 16, 2008 11:25PM PST

Metallica's Death Magnetic hit #1 on billboard. Considering St. Anger went platinum despite widespread hatred towards it, this should surprise no one. We (SFASU) are hosting 400 Lamar students on the basketball court of our rec center due to hurricane difficulties. Most of them are of Indian descent it seems, and thus walking to dinner the first day this plan took effect literally made me wonder if I was still here. Essentially, aside from the very obvious visual presence it doesn't make much difference as all facilities are in regular use. I feel like a bit of an asshole for nothing but benefitting from Ike, with Psychology exams and whole days of classes postponed (of course whole days usually mean my easy as hell MWF History class at noon so it's not like I'm jumping for joy over missing a 50 minute lecture) I hate waiting to find out my grades. Still want to know how I did on that film quiz, though I know I at least passed if marginally(I tend to pregrade myself when I have too much time... I had about an hour n a half once finished). I have 8 points extra credit in Anthropology, and got 90% on my Psych professor's syllabus quiz (which disappoints me cause it should have been an easy 100 but I get lazy and that's life) As someone who can actually play guitar relatively well, I'm starting to loathe every asshole that brings an acoustic guitar just to get attention. I don't mind when one of the staff does it cause he knows quite a few good songs but it pains me to know some of these idiots have a quicker channel to chicks than I do cause I brought an electric with no amp to actually learn songs. That said, everyone in the pool hall (which is now my second home) seemed to like me playing the opening solo to "One" (Metallica). Felt good. I really wish my Anthropology teacher would get of the race/ethnicity subject and we could actually have a class focusing on other cultures. She's supposedly trying to teach us to be open but if anything it just makes student ethnocentrism worse to bring it up so often. No offense, the problem is not going to get solved in class. Film has improved based on knowing that a gigantic set from the movie Intolerance was hand-made and not a model. I can't say I wasn't more impressed with "speciall effects" (set design) in a while and this movie was made in the early 1900s. I officially despise MTV. Or let's be honest DRTV (dimwit reality TV). I would almost choose 10 straight hours of "A Milli" over this.... almost. "LOLIPOP" I would actually choose over it OH JOY< FILTER KEYS EVEN THOUGH I HIT CANCEL> THANKS AGAIN GATES!

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