Sunday, February 24, 2013

Want to hear a joke? Young Earth Creationism!... oh wait they're serious Nov 30, 2008 1:55AM PST

Look! The heathens got a cold! It's cause I had no ham at Thanksgiving I think. Turkeys are dangerous animals.

For your pleasure I uploaded some more improv (I'm still trying to mix metal with blues. I was inspired by bluesteelruns username... I thought "Blue Steel would be a cool genre". Too bad metal and all manner of rock is already heavily derivative of Blues, but what the hell right?)

At the moment this improv is called "Question the Answer" and some potential lyrics are

Do I offend with the theories I defend?

Or do I simply wish and end to suff'ring?

When all that's left are the wars of peaceful holy men

Question the answers again

Obviously no, the lyrics don't follow the beat and are inspired by a deceitful claim called Young Earth Creationism; which seems to be led by Kent Hovind who got his certificate from a diploma mill, preaches that the Earth is 6,000 years old and evades taxes. ... and had me somewhat convinced for about an hour until I looked at the claims by much more qualified people refuting him such as "Why Young Earth Creationists Must Deny the Theory of Gravity". And when I say more qualified, I mean less likely to lie about the age of the oldest tree on earth in order to appease the flood theory of Noah's Ark.

And an explanation for BreakfastPills on why for a little while you won't be seeing "Fade to Black" all the way through from me.

 Also, when I screw up on who wrote "Every Time I die" it's because I've also been learning "Killing is my Business" which IS a Megadeth song. The reason I only play a small part of "No Remorse" and don't even play "Every Time I Die" is because I just couldn't remember enough of those at the moment so you would have gotten slop if I tried.

I don't know why I have a fake accent when I get nervous either.

Disclaimer: There are other methods for switching between clean and distorted, it's just that I'm used to using a pedal. Metallica might use other methods, but the only one I remember is pedals at the moment. As for why I don't just clear this up in videos 1) I don't have editing software and 2) it takes forever to get a video I like sort of ok enough to upload, let alone get it uploaded to the computer then youtube. So if someone tells you they use something other than a pedal, don't tell people I'm a liar. I am only a liar at 3 AM when I'm just the right mix of tired and awake to bother with this crap.

Also when I say I won't upload this until after Dec 13th, what I meant to say is that I won't upload ANOTHER guitar vid until after then, which is when I get out after finals. I won't be uploading another vid period until after because the camera isn't mine.

 But I did do something special for Gay Penguin Cult members: I gave THE GAYEST sendoff I could possibly think of. Check out that smile and wave... you could describe it as childlike sure (which is odd to see from an adolescent who swears too much like myself... wait, no it isn't) but I call it pure GAY PENGUIN.

Have a lovely day, you silly Americans. DON'T LET COUNTRIES YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF GET YOU DOWN! PAHAHAHA RETARDS!.... wait, I live next to you... in Texas.... ohhhh shiiii

 Genresrforposers has been murdered, this blog has been uploaded to show what those artsy liberal (though he's on record as saying he is a Libertarian Agnostic we doubt that) tards looked like when they're happy. Scum! We shall wipe their kind, and the gay penguins off the earth. REMEMBER THE ALAMO!

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