Friday, February 22, 2013

Who's to blame for Vidya Games? 07/11/06

Yes, yes I know I know. We have one of the most reliable ratings systems ever. "Early Childhood" for kids that need something to do while playing Sesame Street so their parents say "here's some buttons to press", "Everyone" for people 6 and up because 5 year olds are too stupid to count as people, The "Teen" rating so Patrick Puberty can feel like a man despite he'd get a spanking for playing GTA, and "Mature" to completely innacurately describe the 18 year old fanboys at Gamestop who still say "ooohhh Fatality!" any time one of them says a mean joke. Oh right and "Adults Only" for Japanese businessmen. But really, is the government or scared parents to blame for the low image of videogame players? Kind of, they do generalize a bit too much. But then again why are gamers looked at as such a low form of society by some? It's dem der internets is what. Yes, Ebert's a moron for saying games can never be art because they "don't have authoritative control" despite the fact the game's authors are the ones who decide what you can do and possibly the game's story. Yes Hillary Clinton is sadly neglecting the fact that had the Hot Coffee Mod is only attainable if you are a grade-A pervert who knows way too much about Grand Theft Auto, and probably only 10 people would know about it if not for the news. But also yes, it's totally our faults for representing ourselves as complete jackasses over the internet. Those e-mails Ebert recieved? Millions upon millions of F-Bombs, until the actual developers of the games confronted and sometimes agreed with him in a mature manner. And why are we complaining to Hillary about Grand Theft Auto when we all know there are Targets out there willing to give the game to 15 year olds? We're not stating the obvious that ID-carding just needs to be more enforced why? We're wasting our time defending Grand Theft Auto while giving these people exactly what they want instead of diverting attention to Zelda, Mario, Madden, Brain Games, Pschyconauts, Sly Cooper etc. why? And most importantly of all we're presenting ourself as exactly the F-bombing violent and immature 15 year olds the politicians want us to be on the internet, why?(And yes, that immature 15 year old comment goes for you Mr. I'm 25 have no kids and like swearing a lot) So I urge you to stop the F-bombs, idiocy, and other malcontent and peacefully explain to Ebert and Hillary that there are literally "brain training" games and there's an obvious level of games being good for hand-eye coordination. Oh, and we've had kid-friendly stuff since Atari 2600, less than 20% of PS2 owners bought GTA, let's stop giving them what they want by acting like it's the only game out there. It's just as much our fault for unsavory gamer image until we do that.

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