Friday, February 22, 2013

1up: For the people 07/14/06

Note: This blog has been completely redone from my previous blog but with entirely the same concept as I must have tried to be funny writing it(as a rant, and no I don't remember all of what I wrote) and some interpereted seriousness(as you can see in some comments) The only thing I was really trying to convey with the blog was a suggestion that 1) "Popular Blogs" should be exclusive to normal people or 2) There should be another front page section exclusively for normal 1uppers This has nothing to do with the quality of blogs(God help us all if I see that White PSP billboard AGAIN). What this is trying to accomplish is 1) after you've read all the editor/developer blogs you have normal blogs for something new to read and 2) it gets more 1uppers attention. If they're blog sucks tell them, but with an exclusive normal 1up blogs section we would have more oppurtunities to view great blogs. Luckily thanks to the fine people at 1up I'm usually able to see Slappy's reviews, Sern's poetry and Linda's real life commentary but these people are already my friends. I have to wonder what I'm missing from 1uppers I don't know who aren't in a "popular blogs" space because an editor's blog I already read in the editors section is taking up that space. And just to clarify I get into Popular Blogs plenty often enough so this really isn't my getting noticed problem, I'm in a club for that :) It really is(and yes I know you don't believe me, I don't care) my interest to see what other 1uppers have to say. 1up is my most visited site and definitely the best online community I've ever belonged to, I'm just suggesting one way to make the best even better. -Joay

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