Friday, February 22, 2013

Why the hell didn't we think of this before Pictures Presents Sep 13, 2007 11:55AM PST

A solution to the "emo" problem: Emus Sorry for not commenting back lately, been busy. I'm thinking of giving myself a more relaxed schedule from work in the future. Anyway, Sin City was a bit more gruesome than I expected. I mean the full frontal nudity and violence was part of what made me want to watch it but the style of violence i.e. rape and cannibalism hit me a little hard. At least I liked Bruce Willis's character. Question: does noir refer to the actual lighting or the darkness of the world itself? I thought it was the latter but a friend was telling me while we watched A Clockwork Orange on his iPod and I asked if it would be considered noir to him he was almost sure it was the former. Anyway, I'll try to comment back all those in last blog unless 1) I've already commented your blog and have nothing to say further or 2) I have nothing to say period (but then you get thumbs!) Also, I'll figure out a way to get links to the reviews I gave for Bourne Ultimatum and Sin City in my film class without you people seeing private info (we turn in assignments through email) cause I don't want more text here. Guess that quote: "Do you want what I want? Desire not a thing, I hunger after independence, strengthen freedom's ring" Subject: Music

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