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Lyric changes Sep 17, 2007 1:58PM PST

Anthrax- Metal Thrashing Mad

Racing down the road
In a street machine of steel
Gears are jammed in full
I´m the madman at the wheel

Got my foot pinned to the floor
You can feel the engine roar
I got thunder in my hands
I´m metal thrashing mad

Driving like a maniac
Can´t go any faster
Burning up the road
Headed for disaster

Genres version:

Racing down the road
In a family car with wheels
Brakes are jammed, it's bull
I'm the loser of the year

Got my foot pinned to the floor
But cylinders just four
My job involves good plans
I'm mini fuckin' van!

Driving like a geriatric
Can't go any slower
Potholes in the road
Engine meets disaster

I'm mini fuckin' van!

It's funnier when you put it into the context/tone of the song, here:

Now imagine my lyrics on that.

Question of the blog: What is this song about? (Hint: comedy)

Last blog's answer: Metallica, Eye of the Beholder


What song is this quote from: "Give it up to me, do you wanna be my angel?"

And here's a review of Sin City that was part of my Intro to Film Journal, which in tandem with my journal on The Bourne Ultimatum got a 100%. Cool. I edited out the parts we had to do like characters/directors, plot, etc. cause you can just go to imdb for that.

Sin City is a film that can be appreciated as art, but those who lack a tolerance for the ultraviolent and full frontal nudity of a very hard earned R rating need not apply. As a matter of fact as someone with a generally high tolerance for such things, the tortuous ways in which violence is carried out and the downright sickness and lack of any redeeming qualities in many characters was offputting even for me. And yet, I was always captivated to see what new plot elements would be revealed through the eyes of delusional killers, downtown female escorts with large guns and sometimes Chinese throwing stars, and above all the personal relationship between a police Captain and the little girl he saves from rape. Bruce Willis is the perfect dedicated policeman and father figure for little Nancy Calahan, the child whom he saves from the grasps of a rapist. He is also one of the main reasons I was willing to finish the film rather than retire from its more disgusting aspects and immoral characters. Of course, though he may be the only truly morally upstanding character, he is not the only character you root for. Mickey Rourke captures the character of Marv, a delusional muscleman out to avenge a hooker he has become obsessed with after a one night stand, in the most sentimental way possible and the viewer accepts the character as flawed but more or less one that at least attempts to do what his mind thinks is right. He may be a murderer that eventually tortures his prey, but he is kind to most of those he meets if they are not in his way and you canâ??t help feeling a bit sorry for his lonely position in life. And of course thereâ??s Dwight, a character that has no redeeming moral qualities but through appreciative comparison to his woman beating police officer nemesis Jackie Boy, you canâ??t help but root for him either. It helps that Clive Owen knows how to make this character seem more suave than seedy (though in substance he truly is more the ladder). Of course, the presentation of the film is impeccable, with black and white perfectly representing the drab world and comic book style, whilst making any color in the film seem all the more vivid. Every action scene is either incredibly well-coreographed or at least perfectly exemplifies the true gruesomeness of murder. Sin City is a movie that will offend even some of the most tolerant of people, but when the style, storyline, and acting is done this well you canâ??t help but feel it was worth it by the end.
Film most similar to:
This film is a mixture of the decadent world and violent and hypersexual tones of A Clockwork Orange and the ridiculous stylized violence that might be seen in 300 (which was also based on a Frank Miller graphic novel). The action sequences might also be compared to such films and The Boondock Saints and the Die Hard series.
Best Scene:
Itâ??s difficult to choose a â??best sceneâ?? for such an odd film. Truth be told, I found no â??best sceneâ?? in this film as what mainly captivated me to watch its entirety was the way in which the stories of characters crossed with each other and how that caught my interest in what would happen next. Instead Iâ??ll comment on the scene that wasnâ??t necessarily the best but that stood out to me the most. During the fued between hookers and cops, one police officer happens to be shot through the stomach with an arrow. He takes notice but is relevantly calm about it asking â??Hey uh guys, should we call an ambulanceâ?? to an audience that ignores this ocurrence as though it were a fruit flyâ??s entry into a window. The sceneâ??s comical elements are seen almost nowhere else in the movie and it gives the viewer at least some relief from the constant dark tone of the rest of the film.

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