Friday, February 22, 2013

Why I'm STILL not sold on any next-gen console 07/01/06

Why I'm still not sold on Wii- While I've been waving around TV remotes for practice and think the games will be fun, I have to wonder down the line if it's just a gimmick. Plus, will the graphics always look like Gamecube? If so I might feel a bit left out Why I'm still not sold on PS3- well the price point makes it impossible to get on launch day and rumble has become standard so this baby's got no chance till late 07 anyway Xbox 360- What if PS3 graphics really do blow it out of the water? Then I might feel left out still. Plus I don't have a good internet connection so is 360 worth it? All of this adds up to me getting DS games for Christmas, so.... any suggestions?

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