Friday, February 22, 2013

Message to Uwe Boll: 13000+ of us hate you 06/30/06

A recent petition asking Uwe Boll to stop making movies had 13,237 signatures(from memory, correct me if wrong) Uwe Boll's answer to this is to face 5 of his top critiques in the boxing ring Here's my top 5 pick: 5. Hideo Kojima: as our way of saying "bitch, you are NOT touching MGS!" 4. Roger Ebert: Maybe this will knock sense into Ebert that the reaon he dislikes gamers mainly stems from the fact his favorite media force-feeds him this guy's crap 3. Me, if Uwe Boll's skinny. Otherwise no. 2. Superman: so we can make damn sure Boll loses 1. Link: who deserves the chance to kick uwe boll's ass the most? why the lead man of the most well-recieved game series of all time of course. thoughts? your top 5?

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